Neill's Photo Album
Here are some collections of my older photographs. More recent sets are listed on my photography website.

Gallery 2010
A few of my favourite images captured during 2010..
Katherine and Steve's wedding
Just a few shots that I took at this wonderful occasion on 9th October 2010.
Gallery 2009
A variety of subjects in this collection of photos taken during the year.
Gallery 2005
A selection of pictures from various locations, part of the backlog of photos that had not found there way onto this website yet.
Folly View
A 360° QuickTime VR montage of photos from the top of Faringdon Folly, a 100 ft tower built in 1935. (You need the QuickTime plugin and preferably a broadband connection).
Stanford in the Vale
A few photos of my home village in south Oxfordhire, England.
Photos of some of the charms of the Brittany (Bretagne) region of France, visited in July 2002.
(or Cephalonia)  I visited this beautiful Greek island in September 2001, and went wild capturing the stunning sights. Here are 51 of my photos.
Photos 2000
A collection of 15 photos taken during year 2000, from trips to Ireland, Provence, Madrid and Shropshire.
The best of '99
A selection of my favourite shots from 1999, from various trips and from closer to home.
Yellowstone National Park
A compilation of photos from my visits in 1995, 1997, 1998, and 1999.
Another set taken in 2008 is also available
Photos taken on two recent trips to this wonderful city, in March and September 1999.
Oxfordshire from the air
Aerial photos of southern Oxfordshire and surrounding area, taken from a flight in February 1999.
A few pictures from a visit in September 1998.
The left-overs ...
The last selection of my photos from the US during 1997/98.
Yosemite National Park
Images of this beautiful area of California, taken during our tour in August 1997.
The Ocean
A selection of photos of the Pacific Ocean, and things that live in and over it.
San Francisco
A few photos from my visit in February 1998.
Summer 97
Family snapshots from our summer in California, presented as a slide show.
Scenes of Paris from a long weekend in November 1996.

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