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All my recent photos are now collected on my photography website.

Neill Taylor photography

Older collections
Many older sets of photos are in this album.

  Amateur radio stations G4HLX and F5VLD
Some pictures and words about my radio station, recent and past activities and interests.
Harwell Amateur Radio Society (G3PIA)
Club information, recent editions of the monthly QAV newsletter and diary of events. [].
Oxfordshire UHF Repeaters
Information, maps and pictures of GB3DI, GB3OX and GB3WO.
G8CUL repeater logic
Description of this control unit for VHF/UHF repeaters.
NGR to IARU locator calculator
Fast, accurate, online calculation of the IARU Locator for any position in the UK from a full National Grid Reference.
Other amateur radio things...
  To Tumbuktu and beyond
An illustrated account of a visit to Mali by Miriam, January 2006.
The Nature of Things
An exhibition of drawings, pastels and collage by Miriam.
Bl. Hugh Faringdon
Web site of my local church. []